Frequently Asked Question

1. What is ” Daily Quotes For Us ” ?
Ans. A Collection of old and new quotation or quotes.

2. When did you started ?
Ans. I started “daily Quotes For Us ” in year  2012.

3. Why are you doing this?
Ans. Quotes Inspires me a lot and keeps me motivated.

4. Do you have other Social Media accounts?
Ans. Yes, Here are the links below.

Official Website : dailyquotesforus.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DailyQuotesFS
Pinterest : uk.pinterest.com/dailyquotesforus/
Facebook : facebook.com/DailyQuotesFS
Instagram :www.instagram.com/DailyQuotesFS

5. Can i post or submit Quote?

Ans. Yes, You can send it thru this link https://dailyquotesforus.com/submit-a-quote/.

6. How can we send message to you?
Ans. You can contact me thru this link https://dailyquotesforus.com/contact/

7. How do you protect our privacy ?
Ans. You can read our Privacy Policy thru this link 

8. Where did you derived all of this quotes?
Ans. People, Books, Current news, On the Internet.

9. Can you link to my website?
Ans. Not at this time.

10. Can i Link to your website ?
Ans. Yes, Sure.

11. Some quotes you posted seems unfamiliar, Do you agree with theme all?
Ans. I agree on selected quotes which relates to my personality.

12. Do this site appropriate to all ages?
Ans. No, Quotes may differs from a person point of view, You may find some category offensive or inappropriate and this site contains advertisement from third party.

13. Would you answer some quotation question ?
Ans. Yes, Send me a question by filling up these link. https://dailyquotesforus.com/quote-question/

14. Does your website compatible to other platform ?
Ans. Yes, Our website is mobile friendly.

15. Do you believe on recent studies that shows people who post or copy a quote have lower IQ.
Ans. Yes, When i started i was depress at work and the only way to reduce it is by expressing my self by posting twits on twitter and later on i started creating a quote website.